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So why TOT Time? See below.

Small Class Sizes

Our teachers understand the characteristics of their age group and are well prepared with a variety of activities for each day. In order to help our teachers provide a positive environment, we believe we must first begin with the proper teacher-child ratio.

Toddlers: 8 per class (1-4 ratio)
Twos: 10 per class (1-5 ratio)
Threes: 12 per class (1-6 ratio)
Pre-Ks: 12 per class (1-6 ratio)
Next Step: 12 per class (1-6 ratio)

Biblically Based

Everyday a child comes to class,
they hear a Bible story.

The stories are age-appropriate
with a “So what?” ending.

Biblical principles promote the development of each child’s relationship with God and others. This occurs through the modeling of God’s unconditional love with age-level appropriate instruction of His Word.

TOT Time

TOT Time is a program of care and creative education for toddlers through transitional kindergarten children.
TOT Time is an abbreviation for “Teaching Our Treasures,” and to us, all children are treasures!

As we address each child’s total development (physical, mental, social, and spiritual), we provide a joyful environment with loving care and fun as well as learning enrichment. Our program is designed to meet each child’s needs and encourage his creativity, self-esteem, and love of learning about God and His world.

Home Visit

A home visit is another TOT Time distinctive. We believe it is important that the first time the student and teacher meet, it happens in the comfort level of the child’s home. Thus, several weeks prior to coming to campus, the teachers visit in the child’s home. One teacher shares with the parents while the second teacher entertains the child.

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